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Julie Oldfield travels and exhibits her work around the world. Her portfolio spans over twenty years of work, from local seascapes to large textural paintings of the Himalayas. She was raised on a farm in England and from an early age, the play of light on open spaces and changing weather conditions made a strong impression. Now living on the Jurassic Coast near Lyme Regis, much of her work is inspired by the coast's large skies and changing tones.

After art school and a studying Environmental Design, Julie worked in Australia, the USA and UK as an environmental designer for commercial building interiors.

In her early 30s, Julie returned to painting. In 1995 she established Blue Lias Gallery in Lyme Regis as an outlet for her work, together with pieces from other regional artists. In 2004 she sold Blue Lias in order to become a full time professional artist.

Her mixed media paintings often incorporate materials such as sand or soil from the land or seascapes being painted, providing a ‘local provenance’and unique character to each piece. Her technique and style has evolved over time and her most recent work is produced on metal sheets such as copper and brass. She incorporates oxidization and reduction reactions through heat, acids and alkalis or a natural weathering process by leaving them in her garden for weeks or months. These processes are applied to the whole metal sheet or targeted to specific areas. Mixed media is then added to develop the image and texture.

Her years abroad working and living with local people helped to develop an understanding of the mood and soul of each country and environment. She has carried this experience and approach into her work as a painter, immersing herself into the culture through independent travel, getting to know an area and spending time with local people while exploring landscapes. Travel and painting is an inspirational combination, with dangers and pitfalls of the unknown adding excitement to each piece of work! Julie's curiosity takes her to new places, both artistically and geographically and re-enforce each other by:

  • Travelling beyond the familiar – sometimes beyond her comfort zone, but always with rewarding results.
  • Pushing and illustrating boundaries – artistically with new techniques and literally the boundaries of land, sea and sky with horizons and shorelines.
  • Reflecting human interaction with land and sea through agriculture, industry and leisure activities, and the changes and impact these make visually and emotionally.

Julie has exhibited in Dubai, Cape Town and had work accepted by the South West Academy, the Society of Women Artists and the Royal Society of Marine Artists. Julie also teaches her painting techniques in workshops.