A bit about myself

Julie Oldfield travels and exhibits her work around the world. She has a portfolio of work spanning some twenty years, from local seascapes, to large textural paintings of the Himalayas. Living on the Jurassic Coast near Lyme Regis, much of her work is inspired by the coast's large skies and changing tones.

Her mixed media paintings often incorporate materials from the area, providing a unique character to each piece. Her most recent work however, is produced on metal, incorporating oxidization and copper.Raised on a farm in England. From an early age the play of light, on open spaces and changing weather conditions, have made a strong impression.

Working and living with the local people, helps to develop an understanding of the mood and soul of the country and the environment. Her experimental paintings are influenced by travels around the world :

  • Travelling beyond the familiar
  • Pushing and illustrating boundaries
  • Landscapes and the social interaction with the scenery

Travel and painting is an inspirational combination, with dangers and pitfalls of the unknown adding excitement to each piece of work! Julie has exhibited in Dubai, Cape Town and had work accepted by the South West Academy. Julie also teaches her painting techniques in workshops and prints of her work are also available.Details are available via the appropriate links above or by contacting Julie direct by the means available at the foot of every page.