My Workshops

Julie's mixed media painting workshops are a fantastic way to produce your own work of art using mixed media techniques. These day-long workshops will be held at Julie's home, working with mixed media on metal or canvas. Depending on the theme of the workshop, you will learn how to :

  • Incorporate the use of natural materials from surrounding locations to capture the environment and create textural surfaces.
  • Use iridescent paints, pastels and sprays across textural surfaces to create shifting effects of colour, light and shade. This helps to illustrate changing weather conditions while working on paper, canvas or metal.
  • Scrape away media to expose the canvass or metal surface, giving depth and reflection to the image.

Julie's day-long workshops can be tailored to your requirements, from one-to-one to groups and include all materials, refreshments and lunch.

Workshop prices

One-to-one: from £180.
Groups: from £85 per person.

If you like to obtain more info on the way she works and her workshops please have a look at an article in Dorset Magazine

Next workshop dates

To be confirmed.

These day long workshops will be held at Julie's home, working with mixed media onto metal and canvas. All materials and lunch will be provided. If you would like to attend one or more of these days, please get in touch with Julie. Her address and contact details are at the foot of every page, or you can send a message via the Contact page.

Artist in Residence

Recently, Julie was invited by Haberdashers' Aske's School for Girls to be their Artist in Residence - working alongside students and staff in the Art Department, inspiring them with her stunning landscape paintings on metal and canvas.

Julie's week at the school was full of action, spurring the girls' artistic potential and since her departure, a number of exam students responded to her work with superb results.

A full account of Julie's time there may be viewed here.